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"Changing the Story of Insurance"

Most people these days seem to have an insurance policy, not an insurance person. On top of that, they likely don’t understand all the complexities in their current policy. To address this issue WalkerHughes team focuses on bridging the GAP for our clients. We do this by focusing on three specific values:




Why Are We Here?

The story of how WalkerHughes Insurance came into existence is long and fairly complex (if you have some time to burn ask our CEO Ben how we came to be, and bring your popcorn). So, instead of focusing on how we got here, we want to tell you the story of why we are here (which we think is more important).

WalkerHughes Insurance exists to put people first in the insurance industry, that applies to both our employee's and our clients.

We do this by meeting people where they are.

This principle is why you will see many of our offices are within a 15-20 minute drive of each other. While it may be cheaper to combine many of our offices into one mega office, we believe in the value of being part of the community and county in which our clients and employees live.

We also understand the internet is probably here to stay, and more and more of our clients want to interact with us online. This is why we employ an in-house development team dedicated to creating proprietary online solutions.

We have been very fortunate to have other like minded agencies join us from across the state, and together we want to change the story of insurance.